Tikka M5XX

Mountain Tactical Hat



As with all Mountain Tactical products, this hat is decidedly topshelf. No expense was spared.....

Tikka Adjustable F-Class Stock

GRS - Tikka Adjustable F-Class Stock


Tikka Adjustable F-Class Stock Years long range shooting experience lies behind the design of.....

Tikka Adjustable Hunting Stock

GRS - Tikka Adjustable Hunting Stock


Tikka Adjustable Hunting Stock Taking the features from the Sporter- Varmint stock, we create.....

Tikka Adjustable Varmint/Sporter Stock

GRS - Tikka Adjustable Varmint/Sporter Stock


Tikka Adjustable Varmint/Sporter Stock This rifle stock is tailor made for competition huntin.....

Tikka Warne Maxima Steel Rings

WARNE SCOPE MOUNTS - Tikka Warne Maxima Steel Rings


Maxima Grooved Receiver Line of scope mounts are designed to fill the need of mounting scopes to .....